I often get asked about my target client. Who is this work for?

My answer: It’s less of a who, in terms of a role or position or industry, and more related to what they are willing to do and how they are willing to work.

My clients are people in any sector who are willing to look deeply inside and figure out who they are at their core so that they can lead from an authentic and self-aware place. Its people who are willing to hold up a mirror and get good, hard feedback, and then use that feedback to improve themselves. Its groups and teams who are willing to have hard conversations and find ways to hold each other accountable. Its people who are willing to find a more creative and connected ways of doing things, and are not afraid to let go of “business as usual,” challenge the status quo and confront norms and standards that get in our way.

My clients are high-level sport coaches, school administrators, executives, women business owners, teenagers and their parents, politicians, large and small organizations, people who are willing and committed to living and leading bravely.


Live and Lead As Your Best Self