Youth, Teens & Schools

Confidence starts young. Respect starts young. Courage starts young. Leadership starts young.

High-level leadership work is not just for adults and established leaders. What better opportunity to really establish authenticity, learn how to advocate for what matters, and develop communication skills that allow to really connect with others, than when we are young?

If we want our kids to thrive as adults, we have to start giving them the skills they need. We need to help them learn to take healthy risks, navigate barriers, and develop emotional agility. They need to know themselves and know how to connect with others.

We need to develop the whole self and give youth, especially teens, skills to manage their stress and cope with anxiety. More than anything, we need to help them believe they are both worthy and capable of living the life they want and feeling love and belonging.

Workshops for K-12 students

Our kids are in desperate need of life skills. They need to understand and manage emotions, they need to navigate challenging friendships, they need to withstand the pressures brought on by social media, they need to learn to set boundaries and advocate for themselves. It’s not easy work, but it’s necessary. My team and I work with full grade levels and small student groups. We work with youth organizations and partner with schools to bring this into the classroom. The best lesson our kids might get is one that helps them know themselves and others. We create custom programs designed for each developmental level, and would love to work with your kids.

Training for Educators

We need teachers and administrators who both understand and model brave leadership. Managing a classroom is tough and teachers and school leaders are juggling so many issues, yet incorporating brave leadership is very possible to do once you have the skill set to do it.

Our training for teachers and school leaders help them adopt a leadership practice that put their values into action, have meaningful and honest conversations to address the core issues they face, and learn how to create a culture of leadership they would want their students to be a part of. The Dare To Lead™ School Leaders program is our top offering to school leaders. We also do administrator and board retreats and workshops for faculty and staff development.

Youth & Teen Coaching

More than ever, youth and teens are faced with challenges that create anxiety, stress, and discontent. Young adults need support to develop a strong sense of self, learn effective ways to navigate relationships, and develop strong boundaries to keep them emotionally safe. Not all kids need a therapist, yet the support of a coach who understands what they are going through and can help them develop the skills needed for adulthood can make all the difference.


Live and Lead As Your Best Self