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What I Do

I work with people to become better versions of themselves so they may live and lead more fully, authentically and courageously.

How do I do this? I get people in touch with who they really are, their strengths, areas for growth, triggers, patterns and values, so that they can lead and engage others from a strong sense of self.

The research is pretty conclusive that the number one variable that determines effective leadership is self awareness, and though inquiry, activities, assessments, feedback, and reflection, I help individuals, groups, and teams to become more self aware.


“Working with Lorri Sulpizio has elevated my confidence and enhanced my leadership capacity in personal and professional spaces. I am more mindful about how I am responding and contributing to each situation and challenge that I face. I value her mentorship in cultivating a conscious leadership practice.”

Cristina Schaffer, Marketing consultant and leadership facilitator

“Lorri has been an integral part of the success of our soccer team and all that we are achieving at USD. With so many layers to unpack in creating a winning culture, Lorri brings experience that has helped guide our young women to define their personal vision and values, then turn that vision into success on the field. Lorri works with the team, helping them expand their ability to be leaders on and off the field, and nurture a growth mindset that builds mental toughness. We are incredibly fortunate to have Lorri’s work in our program.”

Louise Lieberman, Head Coach, USD Women’s Soccer

“Dr. Lorri Sulpizio is imbued with intelligence and presence that she utilizes with diverse audiences to not only educate and inspire them, but to bring them to their feet. She is a passionate activist for women’s rights, gender balance and leadership analysis and development. Her full and active life is an example to all striving to live honestly, clearly, and with purpose.”

Jenni Prisk,President,Prisk Communication

“Lorri provided an unforgettable experience during the Shakti Fellowship immersion. During her workshop, full of dynamic interactions, she evoked us thru deep reflection about what is leadership and why we still need to discuss leadership and why the ‘team’ is a essential to leadership. Also, her vast experience as coach naturally motivates everyone to create a strong connections.”

Elisa Tawil, Mentor and Consultant, Author: Podcast Vieses Femininos, Brazil

Upcoming Events

Women in Education Leadership Summit

August 1-4, 2021 `{`Virtual Event`}`

Online Event

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Dare to Lead™

Full training program!

Wednesdays: 3 pm - 7 pm, June 16-July 21 (no session the week of July 4)

At the University of San Diego

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The INNER ATHLETE: Mindfulness and Mental Edge Workshop for Varsity-
Level Athletes


At the La Jolla, Ca

1 pm - 4 pm

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Live and Lead As Your Best Self