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Lotus Leadership Institute was born out of the desire for better leadership training and more authentic leadership development. A group of us doing research during our doctoral work recognized that most trainings were not only ineffective, but also had very little lasting impact on people’s behaviors or leadership practice. Lotus Leadership was built to provide leadership development that dug deep into the most crucial elements of people, processes, and teams. While it may be called “soft skills,” most leaders will tell you this is the hardest part of leadership. But my team and I will guide you through it, and I promise you it will be worth it.

My team and I would love to work with you if you are willing and ready to get into the real, the meaningful and the hard work that makes people and organizations great.

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We use a variety of tools and methods to create a training experience rooted in data-driven content and authentic interpersonal connection. Our strength is not only in the what (the content we are delivering), but in the how (the way we create and hold the space). We recognize individual and group patterns, and use a “here and now” approach that works with what is alive and present in the moment. You will be challenged to do real work in a real way.

All of our work centers around these integral value areas:

Nothing comes off the shelf. Every workshop, every program, every offering is uniquely designed and tailored to the group in the room. We incorporate exercises and methods from a variety of disciplines, including organizational theory, team building, mindfulness, individual development, and group relations. We design programs to meet people where they are, being creative and forward-thinking in the process.


Formal 360° leadership assessments and personality inventories provide an individual lens, while surveys, meetings, and conversations with leaders, employees and stakeholders provide a useful cultural and social lens required for meaningful work. We gather data and do our homework so we come prepared and ready to work with you.

Great teams don’t just happen, they are a combination of honest engagement, compassionate courage and a willingness to sacrifice. They are defined by commitment to a common goal and respect for shared values. Getting there requires an attention to processes that impact group life and creating brave spaces where people can show up.


We know processes that result in a binder that sits on your shelf does little good. Instead, we work with what is alive and in the room, staying attentive to the group. Our facilitation ‘style’ and skill allows us notice subtle dynamics and work with those in ways to enhance learning.

Diversity work is everywhere, but true inclusion and belonging is incredibly hard. We are in need of genuine connection across difference, and everyone needs to take part in this process. It starts with looking within, exploring power, privilege, bias, and social standards. It’s making conscious choices to not only invite difference in, but seek to understand and connect. We need this badly. This is at the core of leadership.