What I Do

I work with people to become better versions of themselves so they may live and lead more fully, authentically and courageously.

How do I do this? I get people in touch with who they are, their strengths, areas for growth, triggers, patterns and values, so that they can lead and engage others from a strong sense of self.

The research is conclusive that the number one variable that determines effective leadership is self-awareness, and though inquiry, activities, assessments, feedback, and reflection, I help individuals, groups, and teams to become more self-aware.

I also believe strongly in group dynamics, which refers to the often-unconscious processes that occur when people interact in groups. Leadership involves others, and many people need help in understanding how to create a shared vision, inspire people to act, and build a culture that reflects ethics and values. At the end of the day, we want to get s#!t done, get it done well, and feel happy with not only what we accomplished, but how we accomplished it.

So I work with groups and teams. I help them uncover assumptions, biases, false narratives, and we work with the tough group issues like power, privilege, and identity to fully understand how to be an effective team. I facilitate the hard conversations and I bring people together so they develop the skills to engage effectively.

I work with leaders who are willing to look in the mirror and get real and raw feedback in order to learn new ways of doing, being, feeling, and acting. I work with leaders who know there is a better way to live and lead than what we’ve traditionally done.

I work with youth and teens, helping them create a strong sense of self, which is the foundation of any great leader. It’s amazing how capable our kids can be with emotional intelligence, having hard conversations, and resolving conflict. They are willing learners and willing leaders who just need to be taught the skills and have those skills reinforced.

I work with athletes and sport coaches who understand how important their mindset is to their performance, and who understand that team culture can make or break a successful season.

I work with women leaders who feel the very real gender bias and want to find their voice and take up their power in ways to effectively practice leadership.

I work with educators who believe the classroom can be an environment where students do more than memorize a study guide, but learn real life and leadership skills that will help them move through the world with confidence and compassion, as well as purpose and meaning.



Live and Lead As Your Best Self